The studying room with simple and elegant decoration extends my sensible antenna. I can fly my lonely spirit in the inspirational space.

The studying room with simple and elegant decoration extends my sensible antenna. I can fly my lonely spirit in the inspirational space.

The gorgeous parlor are full of peaceful and elegant breath, the simple and slight light makes the romantic taste. Life should be so free inward.

The understanding of the color and characteristic of life depends on yourself. However, you can find some authentic and colorful evidence according to real life.

About GuiGui

The intelligent software "GuiGui" is a software that can quickly design furniture on a mobile phone and directly control the machine for production, from the design of the store to the production of the factory after the order is placed, then to the delivery of the product to each destination, which meets the intelligent customization needs of the customer, and improves the efficiency of the whole household customization industry.

Efficient design software

Efficient design software that can draw customized furniture in three minutes, users can share resources and design. Support PC, tablet, mobile phone, three-terminal data exchange, mobile office drawing is convenient and efficient.

Model quick finalization

Guigui supports link sharing, applet sharing, SMS sharing and other sharing methods. Using Guigui can quickly share the design of the physical model to customers, customers can intuitively see the design style and animation effect. At the same time, it supports scene rendering, bringing scene simulation closer to life, and real WYSIWYG.

Data exchange between manufacturers and distributors

The manufacturer's color data and material data communicate with the store dealers in real-time. Dealer order data can be forwarded to manufacturers in real-time, and manufacturers can quickly dock production. This ensures that the order does not terminate or stop production due to a lack of materials, which greatly reduces the order risk.
Solve eight industry problems !

It's easy to get started

Everyone can learn,without fear of brain drain

Reduce training funds

Save the training cost,improve the skill proficiency

Fast drawing

Get design drawings quickly, save the cost of time

Online ordering

Save communication time and avoid communication mistakes

Automactic BOM and CNC

Automactic bom of canbinet .
Translate cad file to nc file.

Automatic inspection

Automatic inspection of warehouse stock

Tracking order details

Check the progress of orders anytime and anywhere

Fast Shipping

Fast delivery, let customers get the goods as soon as possible

The showcase

The Showcase

This is the actual operation interface of our software

Version Introduction

Enterprise edition

1. Platform interworking, it can work on mobile phone, tablet and computer.
3 Share design scheme with customers, communicate with customers more quickly and intuitively.
4. Orders are output with one click, quotation is completed automatically, CAD drawings and 3D drawings are exported

Personal Edition

1. Fast design, online order.
2. Shoot marker size, restore scene, avoid communication errors with factory.
3. One-click search of nearby factories or stores, significantly reduced time to find manufacturers.